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Live from the Do-Over (Sept 5, 2010)

September 17th, 2010

Almost two weeks ago, I jumped on a very early flight (after a long night at The Rub in Brooklyn) to head out to L.A. to play Aloe, Haycock, and Strong’s Do-Over party, as well as a bunch of other awesome parties on the west coast.  As always, they recorded the sets.  While mine gets a little sloppy at times, it gets at what’s possible to play at the Do-Over and how much fun it is.  So, lean back, kick your feet up, and grab the set here.  (Make sure to check out Quantic, J-Boogie, and Anonymous’ sets from the same date here.)

Special thanks go to Aloe Blacc, J-Boogie, and Suprema One for the singing on the mic, yelling on the mic, and all around party motivating.  You check out all the great sets from this season at

Fresh Coastin’

August 30th, 2010

It’s approaching time for one of my super frequent West Coast runs!  (Imagine a smattering of polite applause.)  I’m excited to get to rock with so many of my favorite DJs, who just happen to be super cool dudes too!  You can check all the details on the EVENTS page, but here’s the short version:

Sunday, Sept 5th – Cannonball w/ Thee Mike B & Fashen
Tues, Sept 7th – Twin Tuesdays w/ Evil One (usually Steve1der is in the house, but he picked that week to head to NYC)
Thurs, Sept 9th – AFEX w/ Evil One (Adam 12 is the AFEX head honcho, but he decided to go to Brazil that night)
Friday, Sept 10th – Eve Lounge w/ Sake 1 & J Boogie
Saturday, Sept 11th – Wet San Jose
Sunday, Sept 12th – Major w/ Mpenzi & jsight

There might also be a couple of unannounced things thrown in there for good measure.  But, you’ll have to check me over at to find out about those.