Sunday July 25th, 2010

After many years of faithful service, I’ve decided to retire my old html heavy website & trade up for a fancy WordPress-y thing-a-majig.  For most people, the response would be “yawn… what did you say?”  But, that site, and in particular the PRESS page, represented quite literally years of work in the by-gone days of print media, both writing & trying to drum up interest in a younger Joseph Eleven.

So, for the sake of my mom still being able to brag about what her tallest son once accomplished and because I can’t bear to throw all that work away, click here to see what looked like before I completely stopped updating it.  You’ll find my monthly column for Hip Hop Connection, pieces I did for Wax Poetics, and mixtape reviews from a who’s who of magazines that have gone out of business, along with more than a couple of The Rub’s well-deserved accolades.

Going forward, all new press (ie: those snarky comments I copied & pasted from the blogosphere) will be posted under the PRESS category.  I’m pretty sure you don’t care, Mom.

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